Our Story

Back in 2012, three leading arts professionals put their heads together to create an arts organisation, which would make a difference in the world. The name Stone Soup, came early in the discussions, daily due to the moral or the story - when we all contribute we can create a greater good.....a very clear ethos of our organisation.

We take our name from a folk tale which has iterations in many different cultures and across many hundreds of years. And while the exact details of the story may have changed over time, the basic idea is always the same.

A group of hungry travellers arrive in a village, carrying in their possession only an empty cooking pot. This village is poor and in order to survive they each try to look after themselves and their families. The wary villagers are initially reluctant to share their food supplies with the travellers. So the travellers take their empty pot to a nearby river, fill it with water, drop a stone in it and light a fire. This ignites the curiosity of the villagers, who ask the travellers what they are making.

“Stone soup,” reply the travellers. “It tastes wonderful and you are welcome to share it with us, but will be even more amazing with your contribution.”
One by one, each villager adds a little of what they have to the soup. Soon, a delicious meal is prepared as neighbours come together, adding different ingredients in order to make the most incredible Stone Soup. That day no one went hungry as the village enjoyed a feast. From then on the village reaslised that by bringing what little they each had together, they were able to make so much more.

And that’s us. That’s the mission statement of Stone Soup. We believe that when you light that first spark of curiosity, the fire of creativity will begin to burn. We think that the best work is done through collaboration, through everyone adding their special ingredient. It is this ethos that drives us to tell stories that inspire, to make theatre that captivates, and to create events that will linger long in the memory.

We like to think our soup is still cooking and that more ingredients have yet to be added. We are very excited to continue to open new collaborations with arts, community and business organisations over the coming months and years.