Our Values

Values Test

  • To unlock potential through creative development and creative learning
  • To foster understanding  between individuals and across communities. 
  • To establish and build on creative partnerships with agencies and organisations who advance and support social capital.
  • To ensure quality and affordable cultural experiences are accessible to everyone through our work. 
  • To empower artists and collaborators (and ourselves!) to learn and grow through artistic engagement.

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Our Story

We take our name from a folk tale which has iterations in many different cultures and across many hundreds of years. And while the exact details of the story may have changed over time, the basic idea is always the same.

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Our Work

A creative intervention can take may forms and we offer a wide range of different creative opportunities. For a school this could be a drama workshop, developing a film or writing, rehearsing and producing a performance. For a local authority it could be a celebration event with performances and fireworks or an interactive storytelling session in a library or for a theatre it could be running a weekly community theatre group.

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