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A creative intervention can take may forms and we offer a wide range of different creative opportunities. For a school this could be a drama workshop, developing a film or writing, rehearsing and producing a performance. For a local authority it could be a celebration event with performances and fireworks or an interactive storytelling session in a library or for a theatre it could be running a weekly community theatre group. Interventions can take many shapes and are interchangeable between settings. Interventions often have a wider purpose, such as improving literacy or addressing negative behaviours. They could be focused on community cohesion or a platform for self expression to aid wellbeing. Likewise it could be a large scale production or a small group activity and is often on a one to one basis. Whatever the reason or whoever the intervention is for, we will ensure that we match the right experiences to your group, in order to achieve the chosen outcome, with the most appropriate member of our team. For more information about our work and examples of our projects have a look at Our Services.