Headspace debut their first series of podcasts

on 29 Aug 2016

Introducing Debut FM, the latest podcast project from our amazing Headspace group.

The first podcast introduces some of Bolton's local buskers, wherein they explore their favourite styles of music and share their experiences of singing to the local people of Bolton. This is followed by an interview with actress and comedian Cassie Atkinson, who spoke to Debut FM before taking her new character show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (featuring her alter-ego Cassie Atkinson). 

In the second podcast, the Headspace team bring you an insight into setting up a media business from Forbidden Tree productions, as well as an interview with Shaun Elliott as he prepares to take part in the Octagon Theatre's Reveal season. Finally, the team interview the National Art & Design Saturday club, designed to encourage more young people to get involved in art and design. 

The third instalment sees Debut FM interview Lee Tony Hughes as he reflected on Headspace's live stand-up comedy showcase. He discusses what drew him to stand up comedy, and also reflects on where he draws his inspiration from. 

The fourth and final podcast in this series features an interview with Hafsa Patel, who discusses her song-writing and her musical influences (Irish folk and rap if you're wondering)


Check out the link below.