Safe Squad Report

Full report from Safe Squad Project, 2017.

Stone Soup delivered interactive workshops to 1,000's of children from all over Tameside, in partnership with Greater Manchester Police and Tameside Council, which explored Personal Safety. Focusing on: Self Respect, Anti-Social Behaviour & the Transition to High School, all which took place within the “Street”. Stone Soup developed three new short plays, followed by creative workshops exploring the themes, which were presented to 69 Primary Schools as part of a multi-agency project, focusing on Year 6 education.

Lead by Tameside Council - Youth Service, a number of parters were approached to develop and identify current trends and gaps within three fields: 

  • Personal Safety 
  • Digital Safety 
  • Community safety

Stone Soup, led on the personal safety aspect of the programme, working closely with Greater Manchester Police to build a workshop structure which was interactive, informative and relevant to the young people in attendance. In addition, the programme supported wider learning and development for Education Professionals, with a SOW offered for further classroom lessons and also being able to provide their pupils a richer learning experience, by working with a variety of partners. 

69 out of 69 schools, felt the Personal Safety Session was appropriate for KS2 learners.

School Feedback: 

Russel Scott Primary: "Personal Safety drama with Stone Soup and The Police, was fab...very child friendly, really impressed"

St John Fisher RC: "Great Afternoon, enjoyed by the staff and children. Very interesting lots of facts and ways children can keep themselves safe. Great preparation for High School"

Ashton West End Primary: "The personal safety was really good, actors asking the children what they would do differently"

Dane Bank Primary: "The personal safety sessions were excellent.....on the whole the workshops and structure were much better this year"

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