Creative Communities

Stone Soup works with local communities helping adults, young people and children better express themselves through creativity. Whether working with individuals or groups, it is our belief that creative expression can help to improve emotional articulacy, enhance skills, connect people, increase self-worth and build confidence.



Community Engagement


Stone Soup works to empower communities through theatre, live performance, or multi media projects. Though creative skills development communities are able to find their voice and create a platform to have it heard. Our work is not directive but responsive to the needs, thoughts and interests of each group. We love creating engaging theatre, exciting performances and memorable events, all of which are tailored to the community or organisation with whom we are working. 

There are many ways that we can bring creativity and theatre to your community. We are always looking for new opportunities to work with groups, so if you have a passion, idea or just want to try something new, then contact one of the team. Below are our current projects.




Working alongside the Octagon Theatre Bolton, Headspace is our programme that offers a creative outlet to people with mental health problems. Participants are encouraged to create and produce their own poetry, drama, short stories and, most recently, stand-up comedy. Headspace aims to challenge some of the common misconceptions surrounding metal health and promotes personal and professional development through creativity. In 2016, Headspace was proud to have been nominated for the National Diversity Awards. 

This project is supported by the NHS and like-minded mental health professionals attend sessions but has the arts at its core. Sessions are aimed at supporting creative development in the first instance which in turn aide’s recovery and improves life skills.

If you would like to come along or find out more, then contact lee on


Housing Associations 


Sone Soup have run a number of theatre groups in the community either on short term projects or through longer term partnerships with local councils, housing associations and theatres. We work together with these organisations to strengthen sustainable arts provision in areas of deprivation or to reach those who would not normally access the arts. We aim to foster skills in creating new writing, performance, theatre and events. 

As part of this community partnership we are currently working with The Octagon Theatre and Bolton at Home in running two community theatre groups. The first is a women's group called Melodramatics which meets at the Newbury Centre in Bolton. The group create theatre based on their lived experiences and aims to raise awareness about issues that have affected them. The second group is Act Out who’s members both devise new work as well as performing publish plays. Both groups are currently working on new plays to be performed as part of the Octagon theatres reveal season in the autumn.

The projects are free to participants as they are funded by Bolton at Home and the Octagon Theatre.

To finds out more or to join either group contact claire on or visit their facebook pages

Act Out:


Community Youth Theatre

We have worked on community youth projects across Greater Manchester. These have been a combination of holiday projects, issue based projects and long term youth theatres. All projects have been developed to meet a specific need within that community. Projects have been funded by local authorities, housing associations and theatres. Recent work has included working with young people in Hattersley and Droylesden to create a piece of theatre with the theme of identity. This was a transition projects to support young people’s journey from primary to high school.

Currently we are involved with two really exciting projects with the Lowry theatre in Salford. These are called GetInvolved and Who Cares. Both groups are creating performances for November. Stone Soup are running weekly session with each of these groups devising two new pieces of theatre. Check out our News and What’s On sections of the website for more information.


We support libraries and museums to engage with new audiences through a variety of different provision. In the past this has included digital and media workshops, music production and stop-frame animation as well as through arts and crafts, performance, storytelling, and film. We have also developed interactive educational resources to accompany loan boxes for schools. These were themed around the Frist world War and are available to schools at no cost from Portland Basin Museum.

Little Hands is an ongoing project for Early Years that run weekly at museums and libraries in Tameside. Stone soups Storyteller help preschool children to take baby steps to explore the world around them through songs, dance, stories and crafts.

Children get to make sticky pictures, play and enjoy the fantastic museums and experience stories in a stimulating space. It's a great way to spend an hour for children and parents alike.

See our What’s on page for times and dates the next session

Conatct for more information or to bring little hands to your venue.

Going Viral is a new project working with local young people to engage new audiences to Portland Basin Museum. The project aims to develop young people’s creative skills through film making and in social media. The Young people are learning about the history of their local area and how that relate to the present day. “This ain’t the olden days but it’s the old stuff that makes today how it is”.

Session run on Saturdays at the museum with an invited group of young people. It is supported by Tameside police and funded by Tameside cultural services.

Conatct for more information


Emergency Services

We have recently had the opportunity to work with local police services to help explore issues that may affect community cohesion. For example, our new Crucial Crew programme aims to break down prejudices and pre-conceived ideas of the police, in the hope of fostering community relations. 

We are also working with GMP and GM fire service on Safety Squad. We will work with every primary school in Tameside to deliver interactive theatre performances to support children to make positive decisions and stay safe in the community.

For more information on both these projects contact






Stone Soup aims to be competitive and understands the financial challenges our partners face in the current climate. As each project is bespoke, in terms of duration, number of artists, resources etc. We can provide you with some guidance, based on one artist for a very short term project. Please feel free to contact us to discuss further. Morning rate= £130 Afternoon rate = £105 Full day rate = £220 Day rate plus after-school club = £250 Rates are inclusive of planning, travel is also included within the boundaries of Greater Manchester. Bespoke sessions that require additional planning may have additional planning costs (These are negotiable) Costs may be incurred for costume hire and editing of films (These will be made apparent before the start of any project or session) Stone Soup are happy to work around a fixed budget that a school may have and create quality bespoke sessions that work within a schools budgetary requirements. Discounts are available for schools who block book sessions.

We are based in Greater Manchester, but will work throughout the North West, providing quality provision in Education & Community Settings.

Growth Mindset promotes the belief that children’s abilities can be developed through self-belief, dedication and hard work. Key to this is instilling an understanding in children that mistakes are both normal & essential if we are to learn and grow.

Stone Soup has public liability insurance up to the value of £5 million.







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